We believe that the study of God's Word is vital to spiritual growth.  Our church offers Sunday School classes for all ages taught by men and women who are grounded in God's word, faithful members and experienced teachers, and are dedicated to teaching others biblical truths and sound biblical doctrine from the King James Bible.  Our classes include:

Children's classes

Children are important to us at Diamond Springs Baptist Church.  We believe that parents have a responsibility to "bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord."  It is our privilege to provide Sunday School classes for boys and girls to help parents train their children to know Christ and to live for Him.  

Youth Class

We have an excellent class lead by a dedicated and faithful couple who teaches God's Word with direct application to where our teens are spiritually in their walk with God.  It is our aim to challenge them to know Christ and develop godly Christian character in their lives in preparation for the challenges they will face as they enter into adulthood.

Adult Class

This class meets in the auditorium and is for all ages of adults.  Each series of lessons is interesting and relevant. The adult class is challenged from God’s word to learn more about God and His expectations for His children, the born-again believer, living a Christ-honoring life and witnessing to those that don’t know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.  

College and Career Class 

Our young adult class is challenged from God’s word and the application of biblical principles in seeking God’s will for their lives, honoring Him with everything that they do.  Lessons are taught which are relevant and uplifting and provide spiritual encouragement to this group who are at a time in their lives when spiritual discernment is so vital.


Nothing serves as so precious a reminder of God's blessing to us as the birth of a child. Every newborn baby should have the joy and privilege of being brought into a truly Christian home. It is the responsibility of the local church nursery and preschool ministry to provide all the help possible to parents as they seek to serve the Lord, bring their children to church, and teach their children to know God. With all the attention given to the physical facilities of the nursery and preschool, let us never forget the vital importance of the Christian Family

  • Jul 6


    Monday - Saturday, Jul 6 - 11, 2020

    We will be going to the Edge Christian Camp this week for our teenagers.

  • Jul 8

    Wednesday Evening Bible Study and Prayer Meeting

    Wednesday, Jul 8, 2020

    7:00 PM

    Join us on Wednesday Night as we have our Bible Study and Prayer Meeting time.

  • Jul12

    Bible Teaching Sunday School

    Sunday, Jul 12, 2020

    9:45 AM

    There is no better way to start Sunday by being taught the truths of God's Word. We have Sunday School classes available for children and adults of all ages.

  • Jul12

    Sunday Morning Worship Service

    Sunday, Jul 12, 2020

    11:00 AM

    Come join us as we worship our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. At all of our worship services you will find uplifting, Christ honoring music along with practical and inspirational preaching from the Word of God. We also have Children's Church that coincides with our worship service.

  • Jul12

    Sunday Evening Worship Service

    Sunday, Jul 12, 2020

    6:00 PM

    Join us as the entire family comes together for an evening service to worship the Lord. Every Sunday night we emphasize our Faith Promise Missions Program by having one of our Missionary letters presented before the church.

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